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Timber Cave is the comedy team of Anthony Scodary & Cooper Johnson. This is the section of their website where they keep track of things they do. If they were to die, this section would contain the things they did, and, fingers-crossed, a bot will change the title to "obit," which, like "bio," is an abbreviation.

Anthony Scodary

Anthony Scodary is a screenwriter, engineer, and comedian based in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Saint "arch town" Louis, Missouri, Anthony came to California in the 2004ish time frame, so he could live at Stanford University. While there, he snagged a BS in Phyiscs, an MS in Aerospace Engineering, and an AS in SKICKING, which is actually a very good degree in Turkey. All four years he also wrote for the Stanford Chaparral, one of the nation's oldest and most well-regarded humor magazines. He edited volume CIX (109 in American numbers) in 2007-2008, which included lead writing and editing Mystery Thriller, a novel that parodies popular authors like Dan Brown, Stephen King, and other people that sell books at airports. At 200+ pages and a print run in the 10,000's, this totally legit book was talked about in newspapers like the San Jose Mercury News and the Palo Alto Daily News, although none of them actually had copies.

He also wrote for Stanford Gaieties, an athletically-themed passion play which sells out Stanford's Memorial Auditorium three nights a year, in 2005-2008. He created the website AwesomeFunny with Nico Benitez back in 2004, where the cartoon How to Kill a Mockingbird got several million hits, mostly because there wasn't a YouTube yet. Other popular AwesomeFunny works include Invention Pioneers of Note, the pretentious webcomic Sum, and the flash game Virtual Trapped in a Well, which once had its high scores MySQL database hacked.

He currently gets his money from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, where he works as a spacecraft systems engineer. Yeah, that NASA, like in Apollo 13. He spends the rest of his time writing comedy of various forms. You might see him cruising around LA in his 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Edition, which is basically a driving backpack.

Cooper Johnson

Cooper Johnson is an aspiring comedy writer currently residing in Glendale, California. His heritage is half Irish and half Californian. He used to work during the summers as an ocean lifeguard on California's Central Coast, where the water is cold, the locals are strange, and the lifeguards are stranger. In his time at the beach, Cooper became one of the world's foremost experts on eviscerated sea lion burial.

When he was a a college freshman with no particular direction, Cooper was recruited by the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band to write halftime shows for football games. The band promised him Bagel Bites and Capri Sun, so he said yes. Eventually ascending to the rank of Head Field Show Writer, he wrote countless classic shows that were censored into oblivion by the Stanford Athletic Department.

Eventually, he joined the staff of the Stanford Chaparral humor magazine and wrote some more jokes. Cooper so enjoyed the experience of staying up late, thinking of interesting things to write, and trying to remember how to make a grammatical sentence that he majored in English. And since his ideas about Sylvia Plath were "too macho" for mainstream academia, he decided to try being a comedy writer after graduation. So, he moved to Los Angeles with nothing more than his computer and a head full of ideas. Halfway into the trip, he turned around and went back for the rest of his stuff.

These days, he is having a great time working as an executive assistant/production assistant in the entertainment industry. In his free time, he writes jokes and spec scripts, rides his skateboard, and debates strangers about the best episodes of The Simpsons.