Invention I

‘Okay, look. You know animals, right?’

‘Yeah, man. I used to read lots of animal stuff.’

‘Right. So, I was watching this thing, and there’s this animal, the kangaroo, and it jumps instead of walks.’

‘I’ve seen it.’

‘In the wild?’

‘Yeah. Or in a cartoon probably.’

‘Well, anyway, it also keeps its kids in a pouch on its chest like his keys or something.’

‘That’s a pretty good idea.’

‘Yeah, I know, right? So it got me thinking, we could sell that.’


‘Well, kind of. We could sell a pouch for people that basically makes them kangaroos.’

‘So, it’s like some sort of jumping machine.’

‘No, it doesn’t do that. It mostly focuses on the pouch aspect of kangaroos.’

‘Like a backpack.’

‘Well, sort of, but in front of you, and it’s for babies.’

‘Wouldn’t that just make you fall over on your baby all the time?’

‘Obviously, but kangaroos probably do that all the time. It happens.’

‘It definitely happens.’

‘But the advantage is all the time it saves you.’

‘Yeah, huge time savings.’


‘Do you want to be an investor?’

‘What does that mean?’

‘Well, an investor is like a guy who gives money to someone so that they can make their ideas into reality.’

‘Okay, but I don’t have any money.’

‘Yeah, I know. I’m just testing the waters.’

‘Ah, like for predators.’

‘No, for investor interest.’

‘No, I get it. Africa is very dangerous for kangaroos.’

‘Kangaroos are in Australia.’

‘Ah, right. Right. Australia. Australia is very dangerous, because of all the lions.’

‘They’re in Africa.’

‘I thought you said they’re in Australia.’

‘Lions are in Africa, though.’

‘I thought we were talking about kangaroos.’

‘Well, not really, we were talking about investing in my new invention.’

‘Ah, well, is there something I sign?’

‘There’s nothing you sign, because you don’t have any money.’

‘Is that why famous people always sign things? Because they’re rich?’

‘Something like that.’

‘I wish we were rich.’

‘I wish I was rich too.’


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