Know the Dinosaurs

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Diplodocus, and that one from “Jurassic Park” that spits goo. OMG, there are so many to remember! There are over thirty different dinosaurs. You basically have to be a museum to remember them all.

And what does each one do? They all basically have their own foods and habitats and specialties. Like, for example that one from “Jurassic Park” specializes in spitting goo. I’m lost already! Thank God I wrote the next part of this guide first, before I was lost! LOL.

The Velociraptor

The Velociraptor

The Velociraptor (aka “The Raptor”)

The Velociraptor lives in forests and jungles. It hunts in packs, and it kills with its horns. It loves attention and can be fed from your hand. Don’t scare it though! They have been known for how they love to kill anything. Many Velociraptors once roamed the Earth, but now they are all extinct since they all got hit by meteors. Bad luck! LOL.

Many people theorize that the Velociraptor also would eat rocks to help to digest meat. This is because, when you find the underground Velociraptor fossils, often their stomachs were filled with rocks. Their greatest enemies are man and that dinosaur from “Jurassic Park” that spits goo.

The Rhinosaurus

The Rhinosaurus


The Rhinosaurus lives primarily in the desert and the mountains. They can run about 100-105 mph top speed, and they can jump about 10 feet. Masters of logic, they often trap their prey by hiding and then eating them when they walk by. With such little arms, their greatest weakness is they die from gravity if they fall. As a result, they are the only animal to not need sleep.

They can chase you all day, because, in addition to not sleeping, they do not run out of energy. At a height of about 100 feet, they would tower over even the tallest building today. Luckily though, they died off in the Cretaceous Era, due to smoke and disease. Haha, and your mom tells you not to smoke! Irony!

The Stegosaurus

The Stegosaurus


A vegetable-eater, the Stegosaurus eats mostly vegetables like lettuce, peas, and carrots. Their habitat was mostly prairies and estuaries. They would use their long snouts to talk into each other’s ears and to strangle their prey. Their greatest enemy was the Velociraptor, which would stab into its side with all three horns. Stegosaurus was more of a lover than a fighter, so it would just take it. Whatever, guess what, some of them didn’t go extinct and live on today and are featured in some movies like Indiana Jones 2 and Jumanji, which generated them using computer special effects.

I know, I know! How tall were they? Common question. About 40 feet more or less, but no one really knows for sure, as very few survive today. What we do know is that, unlike most dinosaurs that still roam today, they are very nice and can be good pets if you live in India or China. However, they are banned in most of America.

Anyway, I hope that helps clear some things up. I know that basically still leaves like 20 more dinosaurs, but don’t worry. Once you know a couple, you’ll learn the rest like you are addicted to a drug.

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